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We are a group of folks who get really excited about learning and teaching. Sketchnotes is an awesome way to absorb & digest information and share it with the community.


Oakland, CA • US

likes bicycles, smol video games, & climbing \o/

interested in: js & clojure, distsys & observability, cross-disciplinary/research/theoretical cs, community, art+tech

travel area: 2.5-hour flight radius from SFO/OAK; pretty done with airplanes though so I prefer local! you could probably convince me to go most places that are near a mountain

Berlin • DE

interested in: JavaScript, Ruby, WebXR, frontend and community conferences, diverse speaker lineups and topics

travel area: Europe

near Hamburg • DE

interested in: Design, development and community

travel Area: short term: between Berlin and Düsseldorf – overnight: Europe

Berlin • DE

interested in: Creative practices, (tech &) community events, civic engagement, pretty much everything

travel area: Europe/North America

Aachen • DE

interested in: security, functional programming, webdev, design, UX, community conferences, graphic recording/moderation of small groups (e.g. at unconferences)

travel area: Europe (the closer the better!)

near Boulder, CO • US

likes board games, aerial dance, all things kawaii

interested in: android, community, organizing, meta (e.g. speaking about speaking, sketchnoting about sketchnoting)

travel area: North America

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All members of the Sketchnote Club are independent creatives. All business matters will be discussed between you and the individual.


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